Authenticity Advantage

Life’s tough enough without pretending to be something that you are not. Yet we spend decades of our lives trying to conform to what others say we should be, and it’s exhausting. It’s time to stop pretending and step into our most authentic selves so we can speak freely, move comfortably, and sleep soundly. Now is your time to stop fitting in and start standing out!

You were born with the attributes to be successful in a specific way to you, and only you. Authenticity Advantage holds the keys to helping you unpack the true you so you can live the life you’ve always wanted. This book gives perspective from six different aspects to find who you are. The results are meaningful, lasting relationships and creative, inspired work with less stress and effort.

Father Fracture

Never before have we had as many fatherless households as we do today.

In previous generations, a father-absent home was normally due to death. Today it is normally due to abandonment, the effects of which can be catastrophic. This is a Father Fracture.

Even if you grew up with a father in the home, your relationship with him may not have been what God intended. This is also a Father Fracture.

Almost everyone has a Father Fracture to some degree. It affects our image, our ability to discover our GIFT and purpose, and it is the major reason why so few people ever make the difference for which they were created. Father Fracture represents an Identity Crisis of unprecedented scale.

In this book, you will learn;

  • What a Father Fracture is
  • Indicators that you may have a Father Fracture
  • Causes of a Father Fracture
  • The effects of a Father Fracture
  • And what you can do about it

Employ Your GIFT

Do You Feel Like Something is Missing, but You Don’t Know What?

It could be that you don’t like what you do for a career, feel like everything is a struggle, lack confidence, don’t know your value, or are drifting through life.

All of these are symptoms of the same issue: You don’t know your Special GIFT.

In Employ Your GIFT, you will discover that:

  • You have a Special GIFT – everyone does.
  • It is special because only you have your GIFT.
  • Employing your GIFT is your purpose.
  • Operating in your GIFT is what makes a difference.

You can choose to continue to struggle or you can choose to use your GIFT.

Many books claim to be life-changing. This one really is!

The Purpose Master Key

Are you wandering through life with no idea of why you were created? Are you even looking for an answer?

Is the whole idea of purpose too overwhelming?

Well, you are not alone.

The key to finding your purpose is to discover you special and unique GIFT because…your Purpose is to Employ Your GIFT.

But how do you discover your GIFT?

That’s why TJ Gilroy wrote this “how-to” book. He shares the 7 key steps you can take to discover your GIFT so you can find your Purpose and make the difference for which you were created.

The Holy Hand Grenade

Have you been thwarted in your quest to find you life’s purpose?

Has something or someone (maybe even yourself) blocked you from discovering:

  • who you really are?
  • your gift?
  • what you seek?

Then you need The Holy Hand Grenade.

Solomon said, “Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” Yet many go through life with no real hope, desire, or passion and have hearts that are sick. It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you want real answers and applications for what you really want, and if desire, passion, and purpose are what you really need then The Holy Hand Grenade belongs in your arsenal.