As you begin the process of transformation, and you are working on becoming your best self, an obvious need often arises…money!

  1. If you are not ready to give up all your free time in order to advance in a higher paying career,
  2. or if you have to stretch from paycheck to paycheck to get the bills paid,
  3. or if a life event creates an increased need for income,
  4. or if you just find yourself short on cash,

… then a side hustle may be your solution. For many, having a side hustle isn’t just a nice to have, it is a necessity. For others, the extra income is just that, extra. Regardless, there are many reasons to consider having a side hustle.

To my way of thinking a side hustle is different from a part time, or second job. It is usually an enterprise that is flexible, allowing you to work as much or as little as you’d like based on how much you want to increase your income. Your side hustle may even give you some new skills to enhance your resume

There are many different ways to make money on the side, and there are some gigs you can do from home.

93% of Working Americans Have a Side Hustle in 2022

That’s what a survey from found. To be fair, the survey was sponsored by a company that sells business insurance, and I do not know how accurate the results are, but what they discovered is interesting.

What I found interesting are the reasons that people engage in a side hustle. You may resonate with one of the reasons in the graphic, or your reason may be unique to your situation.

I also found it interesting that the average income earned per month was about $500 and it took about 13 hours per week (52 hours/month) to do that. Apparently, people don’t do a side hustle to get rich, although I’m sure that would be nice if possible.

Here’s the most interesting discovery of their survey—what people get from their side hustle in addition to the money. 90% said they like doing their side hustle. 41% said they like it better than their full-time job, and 49% said they would quit their full-time job if the side hustle made enough money.

Are you looking for the perfect side hustle?

What if…

What if you could find a side hustle that took advantage of your GIFT? What if you could be your best self, have fun, and make money too? Now that’s what I’m talking about!

If you are looking for the perfect side hustle and are open to some options, please contact me. There are many things you can do. Some options even have a residual effect, meaning the work you do once can continue to pay you over and over to leverage your time and increase your lifestyle.