Do you want to make a Difference?

  • Then you need to know your Purpose.
  • Your Purpose is to employ your GIFT.
  • And your GIFT is the ONE talent that:
    • stands out above the rest,
    • can be developed to greatness,
    • you find fulfilling,
    • as determined by the unique way in which you think.

But…how do you find it?

Our Online Training Packages,  Onsite Training Workshops, and Mentorship Packages will help you Discover, Develop and Employ your GIFT.

Mark Twain once said,

“The two most important days in your life are …
the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  


Just imagine if:

  • You knew what you were born to do…your Purpose
  • You lived life with passion fueled by your Purpose.
  • You were in the RIGHT Career and job security was a thing of the past.

Just imagine if:

  • The people you worked with knew their GIFT, and your team cooperated in their strengths rather than competing with each other.
  • You looked forward to going to work with others that were engaged in their careers.
  • Your team was moving in a clear direction.

Just imagine if:

  • Your leadership helped find the right people for your team.
  • You could put them in the right position with certainty.
  • Your team cooperated to attain your vision.

That’s the power of Purpose

  • Discovering
  • Developing
  • And Employing your GIFT


If your group is looking for

  • an exciting speaker
  • with unique messages
  • that can really make a difference to your audience

then you should book TJ Gilroy for your next event.

TJ’s speaking topics include:

  • Use Your Authenticity Advantage
  • Your Unique Personality
  • How to Employ Your GIFT
  • The Purpose Master Key – 7 steps to making a difference
  • How you are wired to think about Money – we’re not all the same
  • Finding your desire – the starting point of all achievement
  • Living with Passion
  • The root cause of depression and Suicidal thoughts
  • Resolving generational differences in the workplace
  • Cyber Age Leadership
  • Why followers follow
  • The Father Fracture – how fatherlessness is at the root of many of America’s problems



1. DISC personality training


  • Learn how you are pre-wired to behave
  • Discover your dominant personality style
  • Learn why you are different from others and how to relate to their personalities
  • TJ’s twist – Discover the difference in the “real you” compared to the “you” that is modified by your environment

For your TEAM

  • Learn how to communicate to the different personalities on your TEAM
  • Understand the strengths that each personality brings to the table
  • Discover how to hire and place the right people for your team based on who they really are


  • Learn how to get the right people in the right seats
  • Understand the best way to motivate the personalities on your team
  • Understand the best way to reward or disciple the personalities on your team
  • Learn how to communicate your vision to the organization
  • The “D” style is Task-oriented and Outgoing, they like to lead or be in charge.
  • The “I” style is People-oriented and Outgoing, they like to persuade others to their way of thinking.
  • The “S” style is People-oriented and Reserved, they like to provide the necessary support to help complete the job.
  • The “C” style is Task-oriented and Reserved, they like consistent quality and excellence.


2. Cyber Age Leadership training

As of 2016, with the advent of fully functional Virtual Reality technology, we have entered into the Cyber Age with all of its new challenges

  • We are no longer in the INDUSTRIAL AGE, even though that’s where most leadership theory comes from this age.
  • We are no longer in the INFORMATION AGE, although many industrial age leaders haven’t even caught up to the Information Age.

To meet the new challenges, you need Cyber Age Leadership.

Learn how to become a Cyber Age Leader by developing these four attributes:

  1. Know Self
    • Your Identity and your Gift
  2. Know those whom you lead
    • Their Identities and Gifts
    • Place them in best positions based on their gifts
  3. Vision – believe in and be able to communicate a vision
    • Vision – the direction an organization is going and the expected outcome of heading that way.
    • A leader without vision (own or someone else’s) is a manager. This is not derogatory.
  4. Inspires others to follow the vision
    • Gives clear direction to followers
    • Leads by example
    • Exhorts and encourages followers to be their best

Cyber Age Leadership Training also includes

  • Group based interactive exercises
  • Generational issues
  • Why followers follow

3. Faith-Based training

If you belong to a Faith-Based organization our training is for you. Whether you are interested in;

  • Discovering who you really are,
  • Discovering your GIFT,
  • Finding your Purpose, or
  • Training your leadership team

You will find that our training is all scripturally based.

For our Faith-Based clients, we tailor our training to fully explain God’s truth for these extremely important topics.

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